Akashic Records

Free yourself and live your best life with Karma Mastery. An intimate past life journey that reveals and clears your current life blocks.

Aloise is an Advanced Level Practitioner certified in Soul Realignment®. 

It is an intuitive healing modality, utilising the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-Level potential and clear negative karmic patterns. 

Having worked in the records for a number of years, Aloise set about tackling some major issues she had in her own life through the records. After two years of experimentation and tweaking she has developed the incredible Surfleet Method; A unique process to clear the Karma and negative patterns that are causing you problems. It has been used successfully on: weight, money issues, confidence, fertility, health and wellness. 

It’s not just about gathering spiritual information or knowledge, Karma Mastery is a process to overcome blocks that may of plagued you for lifetimes!

Think of it like this, say we are in an abusive relationship in a past life, we put on weight to protect ourselves in that life and never leave our negative partner. We will play out that same scenario over and over until we do things differently.  This could also include the weight. We may of dealt with our relationships in this life but can’t understand why we can’t shift the weight. 


Karma Mastery clears that past life Karma and makes it easier for you to have success in the current life. Karma Mastery is not Magic, you will still need to be sensible with your food intake but you will find the body will happily let go of weight now the patterns and karmic charge are removed. 

This process can be used with great success in a huge amount of areas. 

Often we have past life blocks and restrictions we bring into this life, by clearing your akashic record we can help you step into the person you came here to be with nothing holding you back.

Aloise does both Property and Personal consultations.

Due to being overwhelmed with clients I now only work with people in 4 and 6 month packages. 

Aloise is currently developing a practitioner programme to teach this method to others, Karma Mastery. If you would like to apply please email support@aloise.life. 

Aloise is also personally training two consultants in this method who will be available for one off sessions very soon – please email the address above to go on the waiting list. 

Akashic Records Packages

6 Month Blocks to Success Package

Clear major karmic blocks that are in the way of you building a successful business and life. Over the six months we can look at 5 different areas - Weight, Business, Life situations, Health and Wellness etc.

You will get:
-Clearing of major karmic blocks that are in the way of you building a successful business or life.
- 4 x Face to Face 121 coaching sessions.
- 3 x Clearing sessions done by Aloise in-between coaching sessions.
- 4 x Deep dive coaching surveys prior to each session and targeted actions created after each session.

4 Month Blocks to Success Package

You will get: -Clearing of karmic blocks that are in the way of you building a successful life or business.
- 3 x Face to Face 121 coaching sessions.
- 2 x clearing sessions done by Aloise in-between coaching sessions.
- 3 x Deep dive coaching survey prior to each session and targeted actions created after each session.

Property Clearing and Dowsing

In this property clearing and dowsing session I tune into the energy of your home and see what is lowering its vibration.

The energy of our home is so important, it can make us healthy or sick. It can either support us in manifesting the life we desire or hold us back. (stand alone reading)

As well as clearing the akashic record of the home, I will dowse the home clearing geopathic stress lines, close negative vortexes and raise the energy of the property.

Karma Mastery Packages


Trene is a healer at her core; and has spent her whole life in that role, even before she knew this was her Soul’s purpose .

  • She is. Qualified Reiki Master Practitioner; this exquisite modality that is beautiful and gentle, and oh-so-powerful, with sacred principals and practices that deeply align with my own.
  • Karma Mastery Specialist; my clients gain a deep understanding of their Soul’s path, from an intimate past life awareness that reveals and clears blocks to ease and freedom.
  • Akashic records Practitioner; life-affirming and empowering; illuminating and deep clearing work and facilitating Soul realignment and a deeper connection to the Soul.
  • Certified Integrative Health and Wellness coach; empowering people to find their own unique blueprint and path to their best lives.
  • A Transformational Soul Coach; holding a sacred and safe space for the body, mind AND spirit to be honoured and for clients to achieve wholeness

Her dearest wish is to touch lives in the most heart-expanding ways, to hold space for precious beings to reconnect to their Soul essence, to feel inspired and joyful about their lives. To help them find deep peace, relaxation, balance and healing.


Kerri is a trained Akashic Records reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and has been part of the dharma life community since 2019.

I’ve taken myself from low self esteem, low self confidence and doing a job I didn’t enjoy to now feeling calm, connected and living my souls purpose.

I specialise in helping people feel empowered. Once we know who we are at soul level, understand what emotions have been holding us back and make a commitment to follow our instincts and intuition everything can change.

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