Today I had a very strange experience. A friend of mine had asked me to go for lunch at her house, as she wanted to introduce me to a mentor of hers. The lady sounded wonderful, so I happily agreed.

On my dog walk the morning of our meeting I thought I would look at this ladies work.

As I watched her video on ecstatic birth, my whole body had a huge rush of energy. I’m used to the goosebumps, I get them on a regular basis, whenever I speak divine truth but this was more of a tidal wave.. WOW I thought, I guess I’m meant to meet and work with this lady!

Sure enough, when I arrived she told me about her work. She rebirths people so we can clear the trauma we carry in our bodies from before and during birth. My mum was not in a good way before I was born, she was severely depressed and in and out of hospital when she had me, so yes, I think there is work to do there!

Which brings me to my most important manifestation.

Yes you guessed it. I’m 41 and my husband and I have been practising for a year and have been consciously calling in our child.

So how do we do this, well a simple formulae is:

Intention + Attention + No Tension

Set the intention: what do you want to pull in.. my baby ?

Attention: give that thing attention and take action towards it.

For me this looks like letting go of anything that I can that is not in alignment with where I want to be going and making space for my baby.

Then the final step is… no tension.

As much as I would like a child, I have also come to a place where I am just grateful for what is. I love my husband, my family, my work and I feel be blessed to be doing my dharma, by making a difference in others lives I feel like I am at peace…

When there is no tension your manifestation can come in.

So we will see. Will the baby toys people are sending me be used or will I give them away to a new home..

I feel like I have handed my fate over to the universe and I am ok with that.

As I write this blog, it is the equinox and full moon in Libra.

A powerful time.

So what is it you are calling in?
Are you living a life of regret?

Doing your dharma is the most rewarding journey you’ll ever take.

Now let’s be straight here, doing your dharma isn’t easy. If you think it’ll be all roses and unicorns once you make the decision to do what you love and follow your heart well In fact it is probably the bravest allbeit most rewarding path.

I have gone from a woman who at a point in my life could not look at myself in the mirror to a woman who is now regularly interviewed for the cause.

Finding your why is powerful, we can use it to push past our self imposed limitations.

What will be your wake up call?

We only get one life don’t let it slip by not making it what you dreamed of.

The stupid thing is what most people don’t know is that when you get in alignment with yourself magic and miracles are possible; you dance with life and as long as you know how to stay in that state you will enjoy your life at a level you never dreamed imaginable. Although dyd will stretch you, it is the most incredible journey!

Currently we have 30 women and two evolved men embark on the voyage of a life time! I have created do your dharma because it was the thing I needed all those years ago. A community of likeminded changemakers committed to not only making a difference but building their dream lives.

Does your life look the way you want it to?

If the answer to that question is a no then you need to read this.

To create the life of you dreams you need support. Man is not an island ? get around people building their dreams.

This is the third time I have run this course and the results always astound me! People start businesses, manifest money, let go of chronic fatigue, depression and all sorts of illness.

One last chance to get in on the action, prices will go up again in the fall.

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